Supercharge your crypto savings with Torque

Supercharge your crypto savings

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Torque Token
Torque Testnet is now live. Apply for whitelist today!
Donec et blandit est vest bulum lore.
Torque Token
Torque Testnet is now live. Apply for whitelist & earn rewards 🤝
Torque Testnet is live. Apply 🤝

Sustainable, daily compound yield

Glide past your saving goals with Torque Boost, the lowest fee auto-compounder.

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Torque Boost
Torque Borrow

Instant loans at the press of a button

Access funds without having to sell your precious Bitcoin or Ethereum assets.

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Stay informed with holistic analytics

Peer into the future of your portfolio value & manage your Net APY with total ease.

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Torque Data

Open-source & fully audited

Digital wealth solution for investors & institutions

One-click loans

Use your BTC or ETH holdings as
a line of credit to borrow USDC.

Compound yield

Open a vault & earn daily compound interest. Choose from ETH or USDC.

Unified experience

Thanks to DeFi, you can borrow for less than you may earn on vaulted assets.


Your funds remain your funds. Transactions come with receipts.

Lowest fees

Fees are variable & based on the size of depositor. Greater the size, lower the fee.

Live support

Find all the answers you're looking for inside the Torque Telegram community.

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